OFSS Araria College Wise — Consolidated Seats Bihar 2021

OFSS Araria College Wise — Consolidated Seats Bihar 2022

OFSS Araria College Wise: Below is the list of all the 10 + 2 schools and colleges in the Araria district along with code and seat capacity. After looking at the list, note your college and +2 school name with the code in which you have to apply.

You will need this while filling the online application through BSEB’s software OFSS – Online Facilitation System for Students.

OFSS Araria College Wise 2021
OFSS Araria College Wise

OFSS Araria College Wise | Ofss Bihar Araria College List

Sl NoDistrict NameBSEB Collefe CodeCollege NameManaged ByCollege CatogeryArtsScienceCommerceAgriculture
1Araria92027Plus 2 GIRLS H/S , ARARIAGovernment InstitutionGirls19112000
2Araria92042Plus 2 L.S. UCHH VIDYALAYA, PALASI PATEGNA, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education18812000
3Araria92001Plus 2 LEE ACADEMY,FORBISGANJ,ARARIAGovernment InstitutionGirls2562561200
4Araria92044Plus 2 MAHATMA GANDHI SMARAK H/S ARARIAR S ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education2451201200
5Araria92037Plus 2 RAJKIYAKRIT H/S , ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1701201200
6Araria92029Plus 2 RAJKIYAKRIT MOTI H/S,MADANPUR, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education20812000
7Araria92038Plus 2 VIDYA NIKETAN UCHH VIDYALAYA, BHOJPUR, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education17212000
8Araria92015ARARIA COLLEGE,ARARIAConstituentCo-Education51251200
9Araria92030Plus 2 DEEDAR BAKHS H/S BEERNAGAR,BISHARIA, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
10Araria92020Plus 2 PROJECT GIRLS H/S BHARGAMA, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionGirls12012000
11Araria92058Plus 2 Shri Darbari Rai High School, Mehthava, Bhargama, ArariaGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1201201200
12Araria92053Plus 2 UCCHH VIDHLAYA, SIMARBANI, BARGAMA, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1201201200
13Araria92046Plus 2 BHAGWATI DEVI GOYAL BALIKA H/S FARBISGANJ ARARIAGovernment InstitutionGirls2171201200
14Araria92045Plus 2 DWIJDENI SMARAK H/S FARBISGANJ ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1471201200
15Araria92048Plus 2 H/S JOGBANI FARBISGANJ ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1491201200
16Araria92031Plus 2 H/S SIMRAHA,FARBISGANJ, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
17Araria92032Plus 2 RAMLAL H/S ,HARIPUR DAK, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
18Araria92039Plus 2 RAMNANDAN H/S ,RAMAI, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education18512000
19Araria92005FARBISGANJ COLLEGE,FARBISGANJ,ARARIAConstituentCo-Education7687685120
20Araria92054Plus 2 HIGH SCHOOL, MALHARIYA, JOKIHAT, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1201201200
21Araria92028Plus 2 RAJKIYAKRIT H/S,JOKIHAT, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
22Araria92041Plus 2 UMANATH RAY HIGH SCHOOL, UDAHAT, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
23Araria92024KISAN COLLEGE SISAUNA,JOKIHAT,ARARIAAffiliated InstitutionCo-Education1201201200
24Araria92019PROJECT GIRLS H/S JOKIHAT, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionGirls13212000
25Araria92036Plus 2 RAJKIYAKRIT H/S KURUSAKANTA, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education281000
26Araria92051Plus 2 UCCH VIDYALAYA, KUWARI, KURSAKANTA, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1451201200
27Araria92017M.I MEHI PROJECT KANYA +2 H/S PAHUSI, KURSHA, ARARIGovernment InstitutionGirls12012000
28Araria92056Plus 2 JANTA HIGH SCHOOL, PITORA, NARPATGANJ, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1481201200
29Araria92022Plus 2 PROJECT GIRLS H/S NARPATGANJ, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionGirls20912000
30Araria92033Plus 2 RAJKIYAKRIT KUN KUN DEVI H/S,FULKAHA, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education23612000
31Araria92052Plus 2 UCCH VIDYALAYA, NARPANTGANJ, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1771201200
32Araria92055Plus 2 HIGH SCHOOL, KALIYAGANJ, PALASI, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1201201200
33Araria92021Plus 2 PROJECT GIRLS H/S KALIAGANJ, PALASI, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionGirls12012000
34Araria92047Plus 2 PURNANAND H/S SOHANDAR HAT ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1851201200
35Araria92035Plus 2 RAJKIYAKRIT L.B.S.S H/S PALASI, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education20912000
36Araria92049Plus 2 UCCH VIDYALAYA, URLAHA, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1201201200
37Araria92034Plus 2 ZAKIR ACADEMY H/S DEHTI,PALASI, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
38Araria92040Plus 2 B.L.D H/S RANIGANJ, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education120000
39Araria92043Plus 2 KALAWATI GIRLS H/S,RANIGANJ, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionGirls16312000
40Araria92026Plus 2 LALJEE H/S RANIGANJ, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education16012012040
41Araria92050Plus 2 R. N. UCCH VIDYALAYA, HASA, KAMALPUR, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education3491201200
42Araria92057Plus 2 Sarvjanik School, Balsara, Raniganj, ArariaGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1201201200
43Araria92018Plus 2 PROJECT BALIKA H/SCHOOL, BARDAHA SIKTI, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionGirls15212000
44Araria92023Plus 2 PROJECT H/S SIKTI, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
45Araria92025Plus 2 RAJKIYAKRIT HIGH SCHOOL,BARDAHA,SIKTI, ARARIAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education19012000

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