OFSS Purnia College List 2022 | Purnea Consolidated Seats

OFSS Purnia College List: Below is a list of all 10 + 2 schools and colleges in Purnia district with complete information on code and seat capacity. After looking at the list, note down the name of your college and +2 school with the code in which you have to apply. You will need it while filling the online application through BSEB’s software OFSS Bihar – Online Facilitation System for Students.

OFSS Purnia College List

Sl#District NameBSEB CodeCollege NameSource of FundingCollege TypeArtsScienceCommerceAgriculture
1Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91028+2 PROJECT BALIKA H/S AMOUR, PURNEA+2_SchoolGirls12012000
2Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91029+2 PROJECT KANYA SR. SEC. SCHOOL, WAYASI, PURNEA+2_SchoolGirls12012000
3Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91016A.J MAHILA COLLEGE,BANMANKHI,PURNEAPraswikrit CollegeGirls38438400
4Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91064ABUL KALAM UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, ICHALO, DANGARUA, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education14812000
5Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91061ANCHIT SAH UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, BELAURI, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education26512000
6Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91058B.B.M UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education1511201200
7Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91010B.D.JEJANI INTER COLLEGE,GARHBANAILI,PURNEAPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education38403840
8Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91019B.N.C.COLLEGE,DHAMDAHA,PURNEAPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education3843843840
9Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91073BAIDYANATH HIGH SCHOOL, BALIA, BHAWANIPUR PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education808000
10Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91038BAL BHARTI UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, SARSI DHAMDHAHA, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education14112000
11Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91055BALDEV UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, BAWANIPUR RAJDHAM, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education19112000
12Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91074BIRANCHI MANDAL HIGH SCHOOL, BARHARI, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education8080400
13Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91039DURGA UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, MOGALIYA PURANDAHA, DHAMDHAHA, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education12012000
14Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91009G.C.S.S.COLLEGE,RANIPATRA,PURNEAPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education3843843840
15Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91014G.L.M.COLLEGE,BANMANKHI,PURNEAConstituentCo-Education51251200
16Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91005GOVT. INTER COLLEGE, ZILA SCHOOL,PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education2562562560
17Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91032GOVT. O.B.C. GIRLS REC. +2 H/S PURNEA+2_SchoolGirls251500
18Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91004GOVT.GIRLS + 2 HIGH SCHOOL,PURNEA+2_SchoolGirls3502562560
19Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91044GYANWATI UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, MAUJAMPATTI, B.KOTHI, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education12012000
20Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91072HIGH SCHOOL AKBARPUR, BHAWANIPUR, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
21Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91075HIGH SCHOOL HAFANIA, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education8080400
22Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91015J.C.P.SC COLLEGE,BANMANKHI,PURNEAPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education3843843840
23Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91076JANTA HIGH SCHOOL, BISHNUPUR, AMOUR, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education4040400
24Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91060JAWAHAR LAL NEHARU SMARAK UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, GULAB BAG, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education2471201200
25Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91057K G P +2 SENIOR SECONDARY HIGH SCHOOL, BHOGA BHATGAMA, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education20612000
26Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91051K.D.KANYA UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, KASBA, PURNEA+2_SchoolGirls14412000
27Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91052KALANAND UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, KARHBANAILI, KASBA, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education30712000
28Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91065KANAK LAL UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, SAURA, DANGARUA, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education24112000
29Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91020KISAN COLLEGE,PAHARIA, AMOUR,PURNEAAnushanshit collegeCo-Education384000
30Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91049LILJU UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, BURHIYA, BANMANKHI, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education22912000
31Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91003M.L.ARYA COLLEGE,KASBA,PURNEAConstituentCo-Education5125125120
32Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91037M.M.R.D.UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, AMARI DHAMDHAHA, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education12012000
33Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91059MAA KALI UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, MADHUBANI, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education12012000
34Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91036MADHAV SARVJANIK UCHH MADYAMIK VIDYALAYA, KUWARI, DHAMDHAHA, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education12012000
35Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91048MATURAM KANYA UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, BANMANKHI, PURNEA+2_SchoolGirls1201201200
36Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91033MODO SAH MAHILA SR. SEC. SCH. KASBA, PURNEANaw sambadhGirls120000
37Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91031N.D. RUNGTA HIGH SCHOOL, JALALGARH, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education40112000
38Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91071P.P HIGH SCHOOL, BHOWA DEORHI, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education12012000
39Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91056PARWATI UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, HARDA, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education16212000
40Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91023PROJECT +2 BALIKA HIGH SCHOOL, DHAMDAHA, PURNEA+2_SchoolGirls12012000
41Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91027PROJECT BALIKA H/S, BARHARA, PURNEA+2_SchoolGirls12012000
42Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91021PROJECT KANYA H/S, GOKULPUR, PURNEA+2_SchoolGirls12012000
43Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91024PROJECT KANYA H/S, RUPAULI, PURNEA+2_SchoolGirls16512000
44Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91025PROJECT KANYA H/S. RANIPATRA, PURNEA EAST. PURNEA+2_SchoolGirls12012000
45Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91026PROJECT M.L GIRLS S.S, BHAWANIPUR, PURNIA+2_SchoolGirls24412000
46Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91001PURNEA COLLEGE,PURNEAConstituentCo-Education5125125120
47Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91002PURNEA MAHILA COLLEGE,PURNEAConstituentGirls51251200
48Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91011R.K.K. COLLEGE,PURNEAPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education3843843840
49Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91018R.L.COLLEGE,MADHAVNAGAR,PURNEAConstituentCo-Education51251200
50Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91062RAJA PRITHVI CHANDRA UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, PURNEA CITY, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education17112000
51Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91063RAJKIYA UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, SHRINAGAR, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education229120040
52Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91012S.K.B.COLLEGE,MARANGA,PURNEAPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education3843843840
53Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91008S.N.S.Y.COLLEGE,RAMBAGH,PURNEAPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education3843843840
54Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91041S.S.S.S.UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, TIKAPATTI, RUPAULI, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education38212000
55Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91043SHANKAR UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, AURAHI GOVINDPUR, B.KOTHI, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education12012000
56Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91042SHYAM UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, BHATOTAR, B.KOTHI, PUNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education18312000
57Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91054SIYA MOHAN UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, SAHRA, K.NAGAR, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education13612000
58Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91030SR. SEC. SCHOOL, KASBA, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education12012000
59Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91022SUMRIT HIGH SCHOOL BANMANKHI, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education40916800
60Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91069TARAK NATH UCHH VIDYALAYA, PIYAJI, PURNEA+2_School 8080400
61Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91070UCHCH VIDHYALAY AMOUR, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education808000
62Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91046UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, BAYASI, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education1201201200
63Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91050UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, DHODHAI PIPRA, BANMANKHI, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education12012000
64Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91067UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, JHAWARI, AMAUR, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education12012000
65Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91066UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, KANHARIYA, DANGARUA, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education12012000
66Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91047UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, KANJIYA, BAISA, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education12012000
67Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91040UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, RUPAULI, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education12012000
68Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91068UCHH VIDYALAYA DHAMDAHA, PURNEA+2_School 8080400
69Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91045UGRA NARAYAN UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, VIDYAPURI, B.KOTHI, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education12012000
70Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91116UGRADED HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL BELWA PURNEA EAST+2_SchoolCo-Education808000
71Purniya (Session 2022 – 24)91053VAIDYANATH UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, CHAMPANAGAR, K.NAGAR, PURNEA+2_SchoolCo-Education27612000
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