OFSS Arwal College Wise — Consolidated Seats Bihar 2022

OFSS Arwal College Wise 2022: Below is a list of all the 12th schools and colleges in the Arwal district with complete code and seat capacity.

After looking at the list, note your college and 12th school name with the code in which you have to apply. You will need this while filling the online application through BSEB’s software OFSS – Online Facilitation System for Students.

OFSS Arwal College Wise Consolidated Seats

Sl#District NameBSEB CodeCollege NameSource of FundingCollege TypeArtsScienceCommerceAgriculture
1Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25009+2 RAJKIYA SARVODAYA SR. SEC. SCHOOL,LARI,ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12021200
2Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25054+2 S N S H S BAKHTARI, MANJHOPUR, ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
3Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25066+2 UTKRAMIT HIGH SCHOOL, WALIDAD, KALER, ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education16016016040
4Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25049DR.RAM NARAYAN PRASAD SS SCHOOL, ARWALNaw sambadhCo-Education1201201200
5Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25003FATEHPUR SANDA COLLEGE,FATEHPUR SANDA,ARWALDegree collegeCo-Education38438400
6Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25045G.B.SS+2 SCHOOL KINJAR, ARWALNaw sambadhCo-Education12012000
7Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25038GOVT. +2 RAMESHWAR HIGH SCHOOL BAMBHAI ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
8Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25012GOVT. B.M. HIGH SCHOOL PINJRAWAN, KURTHA, ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12019500
9Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25036GOVT. BHANU PRAKASH HIGH SCHOOL AIYARA KARPI ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
10Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25034GOVT. F A M HIGH SCHOOL FAKHARPUR ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12015800
11Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25035GOVT. G A HIGH SCHOOL ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education120266040
12Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25029GOVT. GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL ARWALGovernment InstitutionGirls26945400
13Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25022GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL AAGANUR KALER ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
14Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25040GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL INJAUR ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
15Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25023GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL KALER ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12014800
16Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25025GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL KINJAR ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education27244600
17Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25018GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL KURTHA ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education26561100
18Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25019GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL MIRAJAPUR KARAPI ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12018700
19Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25017GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL, BANSHI, KALYANPUR, ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12013400
20Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25039GOVT. J.B. KISHOR H/S KAMTA KALER ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012600
21Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25032GOVT. L N MISHRA HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL DARIYAPUR ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education14316100
22Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25011GOVT. N.N. H/S NIRANJANPUR, KALER, ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
23Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25030GOVT. RAGHUNANDAN SINGH HIGH SCHOOL JAMUHARI ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012300
24Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25024GOVT. RAM RATAN HIGH SCHOOL SACHAI KURTHA ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12025200
25Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25031GOVT. RAMKEWAL HIGH SCHOOL ROHAI KARPI ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education15723200
26Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25028GOVT. S D D HIGH SCHOOL PURAN KARPI ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
27Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25015GOVT. S. J. SMARAK H/S MANGABIGHA BANSHI ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
28Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25027GOVT. S. P. GUPTA H/S TAKEYA KURTHA ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12014500
29Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25010GOVT. S.K. H/S CHANDA, ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
30Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25014GOVT. S.M. H/S KHATANJI, ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12712000
31Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25037GOVT. SAR GANESH MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL JAIPUR ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
32Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25020GOVT. SARDAR PATEL HIGH SCHOOL NADI KARPI ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12014000
33Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25021GOVT. SARVODAY H/S MALI RAMGADH BANSHI ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
34Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25016GOVT. SRI BHAGWAT HIGH SCHOOL SHAHAR TELPA, ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12025900
35Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25033GOVT. SRI RAGHAV HIGH SCHOOL ANANDPUR ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12013700
36Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25026GOVT. UMAIRABAD HIGH SCHOOL, ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1202421200
37Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25013HIGH SCHOOL, ITWAN, ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12016800
38Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25008INTER ASTARIYA H/SCHOOL, KARPI, ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education15827200
39Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25046MUNDRIKA SINGH YADAV COLLEGE KINJAR, ARWALNaw sambadhCo-Education1201201200
40Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25005R.C.S. COLLEGE, KURTHA, ARWALDegree collegeCo-Education38403840
41Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25053RAJKIYAKRIT +2 HIGH SCHOOL KORIAM, ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12016600
42Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25055RAJKIYAKRIT H/S FATEHPUR SANDA,ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
43Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25041RAJKIYAKRIT MAHAVIR SR. SEC. SCH. JHHUNATHI, KARPI, ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
44Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25042RAJKIYAKRIT SHIVDANI SR. SEC. SCH. SOHSA, ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
45Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25050RAM BHAWAN SINGH HIGH SECONDARY SCHOOL,BHAGWAN BIGHA, ARWALNaw sambadhCo-Education12012000
46Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25048RAM NARESH SANJAY S.S SCHOOL KURTHA, ARWALNaw sambadhCo-Education1201201200
47Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25001S.B.A.N COLLEGE,DARHETALARI, ARWALConstituentCo-Education3683964120
48Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25002S.D.S. COLLEGE, KALER, ARWALConstituentCo-Education51264000
49Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25007S.P.Y.COLLEGE, KARPI, ARWALAnushanshit collegeBoys38438400
50Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25006S.S.S.G.S. COLLEGE, ARWALPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education38438400
51Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25047SARDAR PATEL SENIOR SECONDARY +2 SCHOOL 12 MILE KINJAR, ARWALNaw sambadhCo-Education1201201200
52Arwal (Session 2022 – 24)25043SARVODAYA SR. SEC. SCHOOL DANIYALA, ARWALGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
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