OFSS Motihari College Wise Consolidated Seats (East Champaran)

OFSS Motihari College: Below is a list of all 10 + 2 schools and colleges in Motihari (East Champaran) district with complete information on code and seat capacity. After looking at the list, note down the name of your college and +2 school with the code in which you have to apply. You will need it while filling the online application through BSEB’s software OFSS – Online Facilitation System for Students.

OFSS Motihari College List

Sl#District NameBSEB CodeCollege NameSource of FundingCollege TypeArtsScienceCommerceAgriculture
2East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34095+2 GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL, SIRAUNA, CHIRAIYA, EAST CHAMPARAGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
3East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34072+2 SINGHESHWAR SEMINARY PATAHI, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1801201200
4East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34039+2 ZILA SCHOOL, MOTIHARI,E.CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionBoys2562562560
5East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34009A.K.R.R.COLLEGE, KOTWA,E.CHAMPARANPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education38438400
6East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34083B. L. S. S. P. HIGH SCHOOL NARKATIA, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education26712000
7East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34028B.M.R.INTER COLLEGE DHAKA,E.CHAMPARANPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education38438400
8East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34016B.P.S.COLLEGE,KESARIA,E.CHAMPARANPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education38438400
9East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34069BANSHIDHAR GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL, ADAPUR, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1861201200
10East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34019BHAGWAN SINGH COLLEGE, MADHUBAN, E.CHAMPARANPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education3843843840
11East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34046C. P. PROJECT +2 BALIKA H/S, PAHARPUR, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls29812000
12East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34113D.P. H/S +2 HUSAINI, E.CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education32812000
13East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34013D.P.T.S.INTER COLLEGE,BARACHAKIA,E.CHAMPARANPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education3843843840
14East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34054DAMRI ASHARFI SR. SEC. +2 SCHOOL, SANGRAMPUR, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education3461201200
15East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34066DIN DAYAL PROJECT GIRLS H/S SUGAULI, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls32212000
16East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34001DR.S.K.S. WOMENS COLL,MOTIHARI,E.CHAMPARANConstituentGirls51251200
17East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34057F.K. G.K. PROJECT GIRLS H/S , SISWAPATNA, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls14312000
18East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34123GANDHI UCHCH VIDYALAYA, BHELWA CIRCLE, GHORASAHAN, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_School 404000
19East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34114GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL MEHSI EASTCHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls1371201200
20East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34171GMS BANKATWA (BOYS), DHAKA (SIKRAHNA), EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
21East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34166GMS BHADA, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolGirls404000
22East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34170GMS INARWA PHULWAR, DHAKA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
23East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34074GOPAL SAH SCHOOL MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education34312012040
24East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34255GOVERNMENT BASIC SCHOOL MADHOPUR GOVIND+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
25East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34105GOVT. +2 HIGH SCHOOL NONAIYA, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education28412000
26East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34090GOVT. BABU LAL SAH GIRL S.S. +2 SCHOOL, VARACHAKIA, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls40312000
27East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34108GOVT. GANDHI HIGHER SECONDARY (+2) SCHOOL HARSIDDHI, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education2111201200
28East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34103GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL KARMWA, RAGHUNATHPUR, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education2271201200
29East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34077GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL MOKHLISPUR, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education15112000
30East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34085GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL, DILAWARPUR, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1321201200
31East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34107GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL, GAYGHAT, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education4371201200
32East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34106GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL, JIHULI, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1591201200
33East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34104GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL, KESARIA, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education4551201200
34East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34081GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL, PAHARPUR, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education2051201200
35East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34138GOVT. HIGH SECONDARY SCHOOL SEMRA SAGARDINA CHIRAIYA DHAKA EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education1601601600
36East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34099GOVT. KASTURWA GIRL HIGHER SCHOOL RAXAUL, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls1651201200
37East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34082GOVT. NAND HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, SUGAULI, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education5501201200
38East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34088GOVT. NAWAL KISHORE HIGH SCHOOL, SISWAN PATNA. E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education13312000
39East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34102GOVT. RAMRUP BALDEO HIGH SCHOOL BALAKOTHI, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education2821201200
40East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34080GOVT. SARVODAY +2 HIGH SCHOOL, JAHINGARA DAMODARPUR EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education28312000
41East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34115GOVT. SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL PIPRAKHEM, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1851201200
42East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34330H.S.RAGHUNATHPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
43East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34032HARISHANKAR VERMA CO-OPERATIVE INTER COLLEGE,RAMGARHWA,EAST CHAMPARANPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education3843843840
44East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34040HAZARIMAL SR., SEC. SCHOOL, RAXAUL, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education22312000
45East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34319HIGH SCHOOL BHATAHA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
46East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34332HIGH SCHOOL HARDIYA URDU+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
47East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34326HIGH SCHOOL PUNAS LAHLADPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
48East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34112HIGH SCHOOL SAROTTAR, E.CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education20512000
49East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34299HIGH SCHOOL SOUTH NONEYA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
50East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34296HIGH SCHOOL TEJPURWA PAHARPUR EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
51East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34145HIGH SCHOOL TENUA EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education12080400
52East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34292HIGH SECONADRY SCHOOL MADHUBANI GHAT+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
53East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34289HIGH SECONDARY SCHOOL GODHWA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
54East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34230HIGH SECONDARY SCHOOL BHATANAHIYA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
55East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34327HIGH SECONDARY SCHOOL BIJULPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
56East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34249HIGH SECONDARY SCHOOL KRITPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
57East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34236HIGH SECONDARY SCHOOL MISHRAULIYA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
58East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34234HIGH SECONDARY SCHOOL RAMPUR SOUTH+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
59East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34264HIGH SECONDARY SCHOOL SOUTH GAWANDRA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
60East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34226HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL NIMUIA EAST+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
61East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34283HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL NONIMAL+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
62East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34286HS MAHAMADPUR MAJHAULIYA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
63East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34007J.A.C.M.INTER COLLEGE,MOTIHARI,E.CHAMPARANAnushanshit collegeGirls38438400
64East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34041J.B.B P. C. J. P. SR. SEC. SCHOOL ADA, E.CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls16312000
65East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34029J.L.N.M.COLLEGE GHORASAHAN,E.CHAMPARANConstituentCo-Education51251200
66East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34056J.P. PROJECT ARYA KANYA S S SCHOOL, KESARIA, E.CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls12012000
67East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34043J.S.K. PROJECT KANYA S.S. SCHOOL, TURKAULLIA, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls14212000
68East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34059JAI PRABHA SR.SEC.SCHOOL,CHHAURADANO, E.CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls12012000
69East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34130JAIMANGAL HIGH SCHOOL CHAITA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education12080400
70East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34044JYOTI SURYA PROJECT BALIKA H/S, PATAHI, MOTIHARI, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls19712000
71East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34035K. R. INTER WOMENS COLLEGE, ARERAJ, EAST CHAMPARANAnushanshit collegeGirls384000
72East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34021K.C.T.C.COLLEGE, RAXAUL,E.CHAMPARANConstituentCo-Education51280800
73East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34003LAXMI NARAYAN DUBEY COLLEGE, EAST CHAMPARANConstituentCo-Education1024102400
74East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34146M J N P HIGH SCHOOL SIRAUNA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education1208000
75East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34018M.G.COLLEGE, MEHSI,E.CHAMPARANPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education38438400
76East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34006M.H.K.COLLEGE,MOTIHARI,E.CHAMPARANPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education3843843840
77East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34038M.J.K GOVT. GIRLS +2 SCHOOL,MOTIHARI,E.CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls43625600
78East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34058M.R.D.S.B.D JAIPRABHA S/S SCHOOL GHORASAHAN, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls25912000
79East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34027M.R.INTER COLLEGE, HARSIDHI, E.CHAMPARANAnushanshit collegeCo-Education3843843840
80East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34015M.S.B.S.INTER MAHILA COLL,BARACHAKIA,E.CHAMPARANPraswikrit CollegeGirls38438400
81East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34004M.S.COLLEGE, MOTIHARI,E.CHAMPARANConstituentCo-Education4204204200
82East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34025M.S.S.G COLLEGE,ARERAJ,E.CHAMPARANConstituentCo-Education51251200
83East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34053MAHADEO SAH SR. SEC. SCHOOL, CHIRAIYAKOTHI, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education640216400
84East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34037MANGAL SEMINARY,MOTIHARI,E.CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionBoys2562562560
85East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34089MUJIV GIRL +2 SCHOOL, MISKAUT MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls1201201200
86East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34092MUNNILAL SINGH HIGH SCHOOL, KUNDWA CHAINPUR, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education2941201200
87East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34144NATHUNI DURGA GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL PURANDRA BHELAHI EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education2002002000
88East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34061P. G. KANYA HIGHER (+2) SCHOOL MOTIHARI E.CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls22112000
89East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34064P.J.L.N.S. SR. SEC. SCHOOL, SIRNI KOTHI, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education27712000
90East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34063PRAJAPATI GOVT. H/S KANCHHEDHA, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education38212000
91East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34045PROJ. P.N.S, +2 S.S GIRLS. SCHOOL, BARKAGAON, E.CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls15712000
92East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34055R. L. S. PARIYOJNA KANYA SR. SEC. SCHOOL, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls23212000
93East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34051R.D.PROJECT KANYA +2 S.S. SCHOOL, RAMGARHWA, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls29512000
94East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34042R.K. P. R. S. D. PROJECT BALIKA H/S, MADHUBAN, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionGirls40512000
95East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34014R.P.B.D INTER COLLEGE,PIPRA,E.CHAMPARANAnushanshit collegeCo-Education38438400
96East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34024R.R.SAH COLLEGE,RAXAUL,E.CHAMPARANAnushanshit collegeCo-Education3843843840
97East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34174RAJKIYA U M S BANJARIYA,MADHUBAN, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
98East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34049RAJKIYAKRIT H. F. S.S.SCHOOL,FAINHARA E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education33812000
99East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34131RAJKIYAKRIT HIGH SCHOOL MADHUBAN, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education240160800
100East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34129RAJKIYAKRIT UCHCHA VIDYALAY MALAHI EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education4040400
101East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34117RAJKRIYEKRIT BALDEV AYODHYA ATEEM +2 PRAVESHIK VIDHLAYA, BARA CHAKIYA, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionBoys28012000
102East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34084RUP NARAYAN RAY YADAV LAL HIGH SCHOOL, JITPUR, VISHNUPURWA E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
103East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34091S M V +2 SCHOOL SEMRA, E.CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education2711201200
104East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34023S.D.B.M. WOMENS COLL, RAXAUL,E.CHAMPARANAnushanshit collegeGirls3843843840
105East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34052S.G.K.M.R.K.G. PROJECT +2 H/S, KATKENWA, CHAURADANO, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
106East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34111S.H. H/S THIKHA,BHAWANIPURE, E.CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education23612000
107East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34036S.K.M.R.G. COLLEGE, LATIHANWA,E.CHAMPARANAnushanshit collegeCo-Education3843843840
108East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34002S.N.S.COLLEGE, MOTIHARI,E.CHAMPARANConstituentCo-Education51251200
109East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34010S.P.N.COLLEGE, SUGAULI,E.CHAMPARANPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education384000
110East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34011S.R.A.P.COLLEGE, BARACHAKIA,E.CHAMPARANConstituentCo-Education5125125120
111East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34079S.S. +2 SCHOOL SUKHI SEMRA, RAMGARHWA, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
112East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34031S.S.N.K.COLLEGE, CHAURADANO,E.CHAMPARANPraswikrit CollegeCo-Education38438400
113East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34110S.S.P.SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL BAKHARI EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education36112000
115East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34048SENIOR SEC. SCHOOL, DHAKA, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education7932801800
116East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34076SHAHID BHAGAT SINGH SR.SEC.SCHOOL KARHAN BAIRIA, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education21712000
117East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34047SHIVDHAR ANOOTHA H/S KOTWA,E.CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education51216000
118East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34096SHIVSHANKAR SINGH GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL, RAGHUNATHPUR, RAMGARHWA EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1201201200
119East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34109SHREE SARVJIT SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL BHANDAR E.CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education2181201200
120East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34075SHRI AMBIKA HIGH SCHOOL, DHEKHA SIRSA, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education21912000
121East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34073SHRI BRIJ BIHARI LAL NIKETAN GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL, PATTI, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education21312000
122East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34101SHRI GANESH MAHAVEER +2 S.S. SCHOOL, RAMGARHWA, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education2381201200
124East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34093SHRI HEMRAJ DAS GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL CHHAURADANO, E.CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionBoys1351201200
125East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34071SHRI JANKI SAH GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL, TETARIA, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education3091201200
126East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34086SHRI MAHAVEER HIGH SCHOOL, PIPRA, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education2701201200
127East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34094SHRI PARSHURAM GIRI HIGHER (+2) SECONDARY SCHOOL JIWDHARA, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education6161201200
128East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34087SHRI RAM DAWAN VIBHISHAN HIGH SCHOOL LAKHAURA, E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education34312000
129East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34078SHRI SHALIK HIGH SCHOOL, WAKARPUR, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education5871201200
130East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34098SHRI SUNDARAMAN HIGH SCHOOL, PHULWAR, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
131East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34070SHRI VISHNU PRAGASH HIGH SCHOOL, GULWARA, MADHUBAN, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education1351201200
132East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34067SRI ANUGRAH NARAYAN SINGH COLLEGE, MOTIHARI E. CHAMPARANNaw sambadhCo-Education3843843840
133East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34132SRI RAMAYODHYA SINGH HIGH SCHOOL BARKAGAON, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education1208000
134East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34198SRI RAMESHWAR UTKRMIT MADHYAMIK VIDHALAY, SONBARSA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
135East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34050SRI SOMESHWAR HIGH SCHOOL, ARERAJ, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education34912000
136East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34062SRI UDAY BAHADUR SINGH +2 H/S MANGLAPUR, EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education20812000
137East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34116THAKUR RAM MATHURA PRASAD H/S GHORASAHAN E CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education22012000
138East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34060TIRHUT HIGH SCHOOL MEHSHI E. CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education57012000
139East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34097TIRWAH NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, ADHAKPARIA EAST CHAMPARANGovernment InstitutionCo-Education12012000
140East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34265U H S BANKAT KESARIYA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
141East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34248U H S GURMIYA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
142East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34237U H S MADHOPUR URDU CHIRAIYA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
143East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34316U H S MADHUBANI+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
144East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34329U H S MATHURAPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
145East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34245U H S MESAUDHA URDU+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
146East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34267U H S NAYAGAON KHIZIRPURA BENIPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
147East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34220U M S BAHADURPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
148East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34176U M S KHERI JAMUNIA, CHAKIA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
149East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34323U M S NAKARDEI URDU+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
150East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34172U M S POKHARIYA,ADAPUR, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
151East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34177U M S RAMJI TOLA, KOTWA EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
152East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34179U M S RAMKARAN PAKARI, CHAKIA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
153East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34180U M S UJAIN LOHIYAR, HARSIDHI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
154East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34303U. H. S. MAHAMADA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
155East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34140U.H.S BARIYARPUR , MOTIHARI EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education4040400
156East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34126U.H.S CHANDANBARA URDU DHAKA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_School 4040400
157East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34216U.H.S DUBAHA, ADAPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
158East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34137U.H.S LATIYAHI EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
159East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34232U.H.S MADHUBANI+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
160East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34143U.H.S NORTH SUGAON (SUGAULI) EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
161East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34133U.H.S SISWA BAZAR PAHARPUR, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
162East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34136U.H.S TIKULIYA MOTIHARI EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
163East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34281U.H.S. BAKHRI NAJIR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
164East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34229U.H.S. BANARJHULA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
165East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34331U.H.S. BELGHATI URDU+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
166East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34252U.H.S. MATHLOHIYAR HARSIDHI+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
167East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34317U.H.S. PAKARI SOUTH BHAWANIPUR SANGRAMPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
168East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34223U.H.S.AJGARI BANJARIYA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
169East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34222U.H.S.BANJARIYA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
170East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34244U.H.S.JHAUWARAM+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
171East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34318U.H.S.MURLI+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
172East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34235U.H.S.RUPHARA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
173East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34224U.H.S.SISWA PACHIMI+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
174East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34287U.M.S CHANDRAHIYA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
175East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34241U.M.S. GURHANWA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
176East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34247U.M.V BAIDHNATHPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
177East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34320U.M.V UTTARI CHHAPRA BAHAS+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
178East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34246UCCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY JAMUNIYA KHAS+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
179East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34268UCCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA TAJPUR PATHKULIYA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
180East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34333UCHA MADAYAMIK VIDYALAYA SHANKAR SARAIYA SOUTH+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
181East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34304UCHCH MADHAYAMIC VIDYALAY NONFARWA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
182East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34277UCHCH MADHYAMI VIDYALAYA MADHUBAN SOUTH+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
183East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34324UCHCH MADHYAMIK SCHOOL SHRIPUR NORTH SUGAULI EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
184East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34231UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDHALAY SISWANIYA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
185East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34322UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDHALAY SUKUL PAKAR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
186East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34254UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDHALAY, PANAPUR, RANJITA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
187East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34311UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDHYALAY LAXMIPUR LACHHUMANWA RAXAUL EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
188East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34280UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDHYALAY NAURANGIYA MADHOPUR, MADHUBAN, EAST CHAMPARAN ,BIHAR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
189East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34276UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY BAJITPUR MADHUBAN EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
191East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34275UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY DULMA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
192East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34240UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY GAHAI+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
193East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34250UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY GHOGHRAHA, BAIRIYA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
194East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34325UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY MADHUAHAN BRIT TETARIA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
195East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34314UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY NONEYADIH RAXAUL EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
196East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34310UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY PARSAUNA TAPSI RAXAUL+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
197East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34221UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY PIPRA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
198East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34228UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY RAMGADH MAHUAWA CHAKIA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
199East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34279UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY SEMRA KOILAHARA MADHUBAN EAST CHAMPRAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
200East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34301UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA PACHHMI SAREYA MISHRAIN TOLA PAHARPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
201East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34256UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA BANSGHAT+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
202East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34272UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA BATHNA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
203East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34266UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA BATHNA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
204East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34315UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA DHANGADHWA KAURIHAR RAXAUL EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
205East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34313UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA HARDIYA RAXAUL+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
206East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34242UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA JAMUA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
207East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34243UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA JATWALIA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
208East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34300UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA PARSAUNI+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
209East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34233UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA RAMPUR NORTH+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
210East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34262UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA TULSIPATTI KALYANPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
211East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34284UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, RAJEPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
212East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34270UCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALYA SEMBHUAPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
213East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34321UCHCH MADHYMIK SCHOOL SOUTH SRIPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
214East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34271UCHCH MADHYMIK VIDYALAY DUMRA KOTWA EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
215East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34141UCHCHA MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY BAIRIYA EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education4040400
216East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34290UCHCHA MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY BARWA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
217East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34288UCHCHA MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY BASMANPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
218East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34291UCHCHA MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY JHITKAHIYA MOTIHARI,EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
219East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34293UCHCHA MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY PATAURA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
220East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34142UCHCHA MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY PHULWARIYA EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education4040400
221East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34294UCHCHA MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY RAMGARHWA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
222East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34139UCHCHA MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY SRIPUR BHAGWANUR EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
223East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34309UCHCHA MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA BHELAHI RAXAUL+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
224East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34239UCHCHA MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA KHARTARI PASHAMI+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
225East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34302UCHH MADHYAMIK VIDYALY MANKARARIYA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
226East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34295UCHVHYA MADHAYAMIK VIDYALAYA MAJHARIYA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
227East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34273UHS BANKI TIKAM+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
228East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34307UHS BELA HINDI+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
229East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34308UHS BHARWALIA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
230East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34274UHS BHELWA MADHUBAN EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
231East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34282UHS BHIMALPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
232East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34269UHS BIJDHARI MAFI+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
233East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34305UHS DHANHAR DIHULI+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
234East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34217UHS GAMHARIYA KALA ADAPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
235East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34251UHS JAGAPAKAR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
236East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34328UHS MADHOPUR MADHUMALAT+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
237East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34238UHS MAHUAWA PURVI+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
238East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34218UHS MAJHARIYA URDU ADAPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
239East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34278UHS MARIPUR MAL SWANGIA MADHUBAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
240East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34258UHS MEDAN SIRSIYA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
241East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34225UHS NIMOIYA PASHCHAMI+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
242East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34257UHS NORTH GAWANDRA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
243East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34260UHS RAJPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
244East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34261UHS SHAMBHUCHAK+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
245East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34312UHS SISWA RAXAUL EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
246East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34263UMS DEVPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
247East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34253UMS HASUAHAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
248East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34259UMS RAJAPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
249East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34298UNCHCH MADHYAMIK VIDYALAY KHAP TOLA PURVI SAREYA PAHARPUR PURVI CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
250East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34215UPGRADED H/S RAJWARA MADHUBANI, GHORASAHAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
251East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34227UTACHCH MADHMIK VIDHYALAY JHANJHARA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
252East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34219UTKARMIT UCHH BIDAYALAY MAHARAJGANJ+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
253East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34285UTKRAMIT HIGH SCHOOL UJHILPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
254East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34162UTKRAMIT M S BASANTPUR RAM CHATAUNI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
255East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34157UTKRAMIT M S BELDARWA SIRISIYA KALA ADAPUR, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
256East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34148UTKRAMIT M S BETAUNA,PATAHI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
257East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34164UTKRAMIT M S CHAND PARSA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
258East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34150UTKRAMIT M S GHIVADHAR,HARSIDHI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
259East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34158UTKRAMIT M S GONAHA HARNAHI RAXOUL, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
260East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34160UTKRAMIT M S GOVINDGANJ NAWADA ARERAJ, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education4040400
261East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34154UTKRAMIT M S GURMIYA,RUPANI,MADHUBAN, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
262East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34161UTKRAMIT M S JAISINGHPUR TURKAULIA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
263East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34156UTKRAMIT M S JHITKHIYA,MEHASI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
264East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34155UTKRAMIT M S KUKURJARI,ROHINIYA,BANJARIYA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
265East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34165UTKRAMIT M S MALI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
266East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34163UTKRAMIT M S MANIYARPUR BHURA GOPI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
267East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34159UTKRAMIT M S MOSAWA,MASINGHA SOUTH,SUGAULI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
268East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34147UTKRAMIT M S PAREWA,CHIREIYA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
269East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34149UTKRAMIT M S RADHIYA,ARERAJ, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
270East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34153UTKRAMIT M S SHYAMPUR SANGRAMPUR, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
271East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34152UTKRAMIT M S SUDERPUR,WEST SUNDERPUR,KESARIYA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
272East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34151UTKRAMIT M S VISHNUPURVA,JAISINGH EAST, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
273East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34169UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCH DHARHARWA,CHIRAIYA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
274East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34175UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCH PURNAHIYA,GHORASAHAN, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
275East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34184UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL BHAWANIPUR BAZAR, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
276East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34135UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL CHAINPUR EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education804000
277East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34168UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL DHEKHA MATH, PRAKHAND – KESARIYA, DIST. – EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
278East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34186UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL GOURIA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
279East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34173UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL INDRA GACHI NAVIN, SANGRAMPUR, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
280East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34183UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL JHAKHARA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
281East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34185UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL JOKIYARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
283East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34178UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL MURLA, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
284East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34201UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL RAJAPUR MATHIA, JASAULI, KOTWA, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
285East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34182UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL RAYKARARIA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
286East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34181UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL SHYAMPUR, FUNHERA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
287East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34208UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, AHIRAULIA, RAMGARHWA, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
288East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34209UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, BALUA, CHAMPAPUR, RAMGARHWA, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
289East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34206UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, BARASHANKAR, PATAHI, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
290East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34195UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, BARHARWA, FATEHMAHMMAD, DHAKA, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
291East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34193UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, BHAGWANPUR, HARDIYABAD, CHAKIA, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
292East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34187UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, DHABDHABWA DAKSHINI, MIRTIYA, ADAPUR, MOTIHARI,+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
294East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34196UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, GHORASAHAN BALAK, GHORASAHAN, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
295East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34211UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, GHUSIYAR, MADHUBANI DAKSHIN, SANGRAMPUR, MOTIHARI,+2_SchoolCo-Education4040400
296East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34192UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, GOLAPKADIYA, BANKATWA, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education8080800
297East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34210UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, HARAIYA, PANTOKA, RAXAUL, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
299East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34207UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, JAITAPUR, RAMGARHWA, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
300East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34213UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, KARUINI, BHARGAWA, SUGAULI, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
301East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34167UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, MURARPUR+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
302East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34188UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, NAKARDEI, ADAPUR, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
303East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34194UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, NARAYANPAKARI, KUARPUR, CHAKIA, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
304East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34205UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, NAUWADIH, PAHARPUR, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
305East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34191UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, PIPARA, JALGAON, JAIDPUR, BANKATWA, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
306East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34212UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, RAMPURWA PATKHAULIYA, DUMARIYA, SANGRAMPUR, MOTIHARI,+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
307East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34203UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, RULAHI NO.-1 MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
308East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34190UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, SISWA URDU, BANJARIA, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
309East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34214UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, SUGAON, SUGAUN DAKSHIN, SUGAULI, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
310East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34204UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, THARGHATI, BALUA, PAHARPUR, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
311East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34197UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK SCHOOL, YADAVPUR, HARSIDDHI, MOTIHARI, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
312East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34134UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA PAKARIYA URDU EAST CHAMPARAN+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
313East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34119UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, BARHARWA, LAKHANSEN, DHAKA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_School 404000
316East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34124UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, PHULWARIA, DHAKA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_School 404000
317East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34122UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, SAMANPUR, GHORASAHAN, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_School 404000
318East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34125UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, TELHARA KALA, DHAKA, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_School 404000
319East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34121UTKRAMIT MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA, TONWA, GHORASAHAN, EAST CHAMPARAN+2_School 404000
320East Champaran (Session 2022 – 24)34306UTKRAMIT UCHMADHYAMIK VIDHALYA AMODEI URDU PRAKHAND RAMGARHWA+2_SchoolCo-Education404000
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